Black Truffle AAAA+

4* Flowers
Here’s a precious truffle worth digging for! Named after the extremely deliciously and widely coveted fungi, the Black Truffle strain is just as rare as the mushroom that it takes its name from. Its lineage remains a secret and only adds to its mystery! It is a slightly indica leaning hybrid with a super potent THC concentration that averages up to a 27% count! The strain offers an amazing array of effects, including being both mentally uplifting and physically relaxing. Its well rounded nature has won over the likes of all users whether you are seeking a strong recreational strain or an effective medicinal one. Apart from its extremely enjoyable high, Black Truffle also has a super unique flavour palette that lends to its namesake. With tones of fruits, coffee and spices, the Black Truffle, just like the mushroom, is a strain that is definitely worth digging up, so you better snatch it when you can!

Subcategory: Dried Flower

Plant type: Hybrid

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