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Gazz Bongo (AAAA)


THC – 28%. Gazz Bongo is not recommended for amateurs as it is highly effective on even the most seasoned of cannabis users, though don’t let its strength intimidate you if you are seeking a potent Indica for your personal needs! The high of this strain starts off with cerebral effects that will already begin to relax you, and as it progresses, you will be lulled into a physical state of relaxation as well. Peace and calmness will wash over you, feeling almost sedative-like in nature, so you can be sure of a couch lock with this one! Because of this, evening or at home usage is recommended as you’ll be feeling like you’ve been gassed, and eventually will be falling into a long and deep, well-deserved snooze that you didn’t know you needed! With this combination of effects, it is suited for treating chronic pains or sores, muscle spasms, headaches or migraines, as well as stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and nightmares. While the small shape and size of Black Gas nugs can seem underwhelming, a closer look reveals an otherwise beautifully alluring strain. They are a bright, vibrant green with splatters of gold. These are further decorated by distinct violet hues which can vary from light to dark, almost appearing black–a result of this strain’s anthocyanins and depending on their growing conditions–a rich appearance that is almost a rarity amongst cannabis flowers. This attractive blend of colors are topped with frosty crystal trichomes, giving the appearance of luxury! In terms of flavors and aromas, there are hints of diesel as the name suggests. Ironically, however, the more dominant notes of Black Gas include a refreshingly sweet and sour blend of citrus lemon and pine!

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