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TERRA TONIC Top Grade Cannabis Flower 8g Indica, Sativa, Hybrid


Our bags ALWAYS contain 7+1 grams, one free gram from one of our other lines to try. All flower is ALWAYS 25%+ THC content.

Abra Cadabra best known for its super lifted effects, Abra Cadabra is the perfect choice to instantly banish any negative moods, thoughts or feelings with just a single toke. The high starts with an almost immediate boost that instantly lifts the spirits and infused your mind with a tingly sense of happy euphoria. You’ll find yourself filled with a sense of motivation and creativity that pairs well with a boost of energy, helping you to jump on anything on your to-do list with ease.

When smoked Donkey Kong, the highness begins to cloud the brain, thereby inducing a happy feeling. A subtle tingle feeling sets in after a few minutes and slowly spread to all parts of the body, where it quickly sends your body into a deep state of relaxation. The peak effect is sedative and sleepiness that can last between 3 and 5 hours. The smoke also fills the air with the aroma of the buds. As the feeling subsides, a pang of hunger sets in, giving an urge to put anything edible in your mouth. Donkey Kong is used as a remedy for loss of appetite, depression, fatigue, and pain. Donkey Kong strain is best used in the evening after work because it leaves you with less concentration power. It is also accompanied by dizziness and sleepiness.

Alien Kush Breath has been described as the ideal way to end your day, with effects that bring you to a happy yet very tired place. Tingles will travel your body from head to toe, and while you may notice a bit of the giggles, the overwhelming theme of the high is to sleep.

Death Star gives out a combination of aromas including that of lemon and rubber, and taste of an eccentric sweetness. Overall, the strain is frosty looking one with broadly growing leaves. The aroma of this strain might be a bit pungent for a patient likes, since it has a mixed essence of both its parents.

Galactic Rainbow high comes roaring in a few minutes after your final toke, first hitting your head with a calming lift before spreading its tingly tendrils throughout the rest of your body.

Gelato has a flavor that’s said to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. The aroma is just as sickly sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet that has a woody effect as the nugs are broken apart and smoked.

MAC is a super lifted feeling that will have you flying higher and higher the more that you toke. The high starts in the head with a rushing euphoria that fills your mind with an expansive happiness, gently easing away negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with creative motivation and pure happiness.

Pink OG Kush carries on the legacy, delivering a potent body high that’s very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming and intensely euphoric, with happiness and a powerful case of the munchies.

Consumers who have enjoyed White Truffle weed describe the high as “calming and slightly buzzy.” This strain is best when enjoyed after a long day of work or during the evening hours to relax and unwind. This strain produces a quick-hitting head high that will clear your mind of worry. Eventually, these effects can be felt throughout your body, leaving you in a relaxing trance.

Pink Zombie is a one-two punch, giving you both a strong couch-lock body high and a euphoric state of mind with a heavy head buzz. Great for a chill night with friends, this strain can make you feel super giggly, and definitely gives you the munchies. Plan your food situation before you smoke.

The strain boasts an extremely high THC level of 24-27%!

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