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Shatter FSE – Terra Tonic extracts


THC 80-90%. We not only pride ourselves in creating a strong product, we also ensure it has a better taste than the competition. We offer a truly full spectrum shatter, made with the finest variety of strains and quality ingredients. With the perfect pull and snap texture, you wont find yourself searching for pieces on the floor. Easy to use, flavorful and extremely potent product guaranteed.

This high-quality shatter comes in a splendidly translucent shape and also features a golden hue. It looks like honey with multiple degrees of transparency as well as color profiles. When the shatter is ultra-warm, it will appear much like thick honey. Alternatively, a cold shatter looks just like a glass.

Thcity Premium cannabis was extracted to produce this beautifully pure, concentrated, indica/sativa dominant or hybrid Shatter.

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