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Great White Shark OG (AAAA)


Everyone loves a good mystery, and White Shark OG brings rumors to the table like none other. Found mostly in Canada, where one can assume this strain originates, from unknown breeders. A strain that brings a nicely balanced set of effects, White Shark OG is so good you won’t really care about who made it. Nugs tend to be oblong in shape and are a beautiful mix of purple and green tones. Flavors and smells are similar, with berry, spice, skunk, and sweet earth all lingering in the room long after you take a hit. You’d think that this strain wasn’t a 50/50 hybrid, as its cerebral effects are incredibly strong. Users note they are rocketed into space and feel completely euphoric during the initial stages of their high. Creativity comes easily, and although you may feel focused, White Shark OG isn’t exactly stimulating. Instead, a nice and even body relaxation awaits you, allowing you to sink into your couch and become one with the living room. Great for all-around medical use, White Shark OG is prized by those who deal with insomnia for relaxing their mind enough to allow sleep to come in. Stress and depression are melted away during your high, and even minor cases of pain including headaches or issues with nausea can be quelled fairly easily. Overdoing it will not only lead to some harsh mental effects but a strong case of cottonmouth, so use wisely. It’s fair to say that many dispensaries haven’t yet been able to acquire this gift from the north. If you do get a chance to enjoy White Shark OG, share some with friends and put on a good movie before you all pass out on the couch.

Plant type: Hybrid

Subcategory: Dried Flower

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