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Black Sour Diesel Smalls AAAA+


Calling all diesel lovers! If you enjoy the pungent appeal of this classic cannabis flavor, then Black Diesel is a must-try. A Cannabis Cup winner that was bred in Spain by Advanced Seeds, she makes for an ideal daytime smoke. Black Diesel’s heritage is slightly murky, as some say she’s a cross between NYC Diesel and Black Domina while others report that NYC Diesel alone is responsible for her existence.Initially, you’ll likely enjoy a burst of euphoria and creativity after just a few tokes, making her the ideal accompaniment for completing your to-do list or tackling a project around the house. Focus may be heightened for a short period of time, so take advantage while it lasts. Once you’ve been flying high for a while, realize that a comedown is imminent, yet just how relaxed you become will depend on your tolerance. Its deep fruity smell mixed with a favorably pungent aroma leaves you lazy and euphoric, effectively freeing your mind. With 26% THC Content, it is an easy cure for migraine, glaucoma, depression, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Just an initial smack will floor you with calmness and ecstasy. This Cannabis Cups winner has purple, deep orange and pink pretty flowers; possibly the most beautiful of buds.

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