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Garlic Moonshine AAAA


THC: 27% Bringing a nice amount of THC to the table, Garlic Moonshine often hovers right around the 27% mark and gives both new and experienced users a run for their money. Nugs are certainly pungent with a garlic aroma, although the scent is more earthy than one might expect. Spicy upon inhale, this strain brings subtle herbal and woody notes that help to balance out the flavor. Garlic Moonshine typically takes the shape of Medium Sized Nugs with furry hairs and a thick layer of resin.#nbsp;Quite possibly the best way to end a long day, this strain immediately imparts a sense of calming euphoria after just one hit. While its effects are surprisingly balanced for a pure indica strain, you’ll certainly feel relaxed in no time. Cerebral mind buzzing eventually gives way to a total body experience, and you’ll find yourself becoming one with your couch pretty quickly. Many users note that Garlic Moonshine allows them to truly forget about their worries and helps to calm them down no matter what’s going on in their lives.#nbsp;On that note, this strain is a gift from above for medical patients who suffer from mood disorders. Anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, and more are no match for its ability to wipe away negative thoughts and allow users to just go with the flow. Moderate THC levels also work wonders for pain and inflammation, especially when used regularly. As your high will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed, Garlic Moonshine can also be an effective sleep aid.

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