Ounces as low as $100

Gas Gang 1G Vape Pens


Gas Gang Vape Pens 1000mg

92+% THC

These Gas Gang Vapes have a amazing taste and great buzz.  One of the best or not the best on the market.

Made with No Vitamin E, No MCT Oil, No Propylene Glycol PG and No Vegetable Glycerin.

No need to say much, these pens are great for on the go.  No need to look for papers or get your hands all sticky.

Do not leave in direct sunlight for to long like any other electronics due to the batteries inside.

These pens can be recharged using a micro usb by taking the cap where it lights up off.  

**Please note that taking smaller puffs helps prolong the coils till the very end.  Taking bigger puffs until it flashes can result in overheating and premature failure.**

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