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Khalifa OG (AAAA)


Khalifa OG gives users a perfect mix of mind and body high. After one puff you are hit hard with a relief of relaxation both in mind and body. Its heavy-hitting sedative qualities coupled with the feeling of pure contentment means it’s the perfect strain to help you de-stress after a long day or battle yet another summer of COVID-19. Wiz Khalifa OG’s potent sedative qualities make the strain ideal for users suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia or muscle spasms. Khalifa OG has a unique aroma of fresh pine and citrus with a slightly sour taste.
Khalifa OG is one of the best new strains on the market! We recommend Khalifa OG cannabis strain to experienced users, as the effects reported are very potent. Khalifa OG is an indica strain coming in at 25% THC.
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