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Mentos AAA+


The high starts with a relaxing feeling that is accompanied with a sense of euphoria. These feeling will lead into a body high that will leave your whole being relaxed and sleepy. As time passes you may end up couch-locked so make sure that you have no plans.
The aroma is very similar, with a super chemical ammonia overtone accented by spicy menthol and minty black pepper. The Menthol high is just as insane, with an energizing overtone that will hit your brain like a slap to the face. You’ll feel infused with a sense of creativity and sociability that is perfect for any artistic task or social situation that’s coming your way. But you’d better act quickly – this heady state will soon turn sedative and sleepy, leaving you dozing off before you know what hit you. With these soothing effects and its high 20-30% average THC level, The Menthol is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD and depression or mood swings. This bud has spade-shaped dusty green nugs with thin orange hairs, light amber undertones and a coating of milky amber crystal trichomes.
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