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Shatter Cookies – Euphoria Extractions


These chocolate chip cookies provide a host of relief from a wide range of symptoms the least of which is lack of sleep. Every batch of Euphoria Extractions Indica or Sativa Shatter Cookies is made with real, strain specific shatter, allowing a broad, full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids to be absorbed together by the body. Say bye to poorly dosed, unsafe THC infused edibles and shatter all expectations with these Indica Shatter Cookies.

Good for: Expert Users required! This is a very potent cookie. Euphoria Extractions Indica shatter edibles have a “body-buzz” effect, which helps with sleep and pain management like cramps, ultra-euphoric effects.

What’s In Bag:
Every lot-specific batch of cookies are also strain specific. Lab test results very per package.
1 cookie, 100mg Full Spectrum cannabis extract per cookie.

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