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Tropicana Jet Fuel! AAAA+


Laughter is really a deeply psychoactive process, if you think about it – it requires the ideal balance between euphoria, relaxation, and arousal. It’s a reaction of calm energy, which is what Tropicana Jet Fuel delivers. She smells like skunky, citrusy hops rather than sandalwood and incense. The strain grows with a Sativa-dominant structure (70/30) from a combination of Jet Fuel Gelato and Tropicana Cookies. The dominant terpenes it gets from that mix include Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Limonene. This gives the strain its unique cocktail of flavors, which includes a mix of wood and herb tones, overlaid with citrus. On the exhale, the plant exudes a sensation of gassy fuel and pine trees. The resulting experience is bright as citrus, full of giggles. It’s a gas, as they used to say (but literally this time). Tropicana Jet Fuel is deeply stimulating, perfect for creative types who want to stay alert and energized, avoiding sedation while getting a little happy euphoria in the process. We recommend the strain for the afternoon, especially one where you’re hanging out with friends with ample opportunities for laughing and having a good time. Your creativity will be stimulated, so you can use the strain to work on projects or have a good time without worrying about feeling stressed. As you might expect from Sativa genetics, the brightness, boost in energy, creativity increase, and mental alertness all contribute to making Tropicana Jet Fuel a great way to give a boost to your afternoon. So long as you can handle around 26% THC and a tropical-herb taste, it could become your new favorite hangout strain.

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